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I love it when Hollywood celebs go out on a limb, take the moral high road, or decide to influence the complex nature of world politics by taking out a newspaper ad. Dozens of celebrities and Hollywood execs, including Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis, Michael Douglas, and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch ran a full page ad in the LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety yesterday denouncing the loss of innocent life in Israel and Lebanon caused by Hezbollah and Hamas.

I am not convinced that the leaders of Hamas spend a lot of time sitting around reading the Hollywood trades, so I am not sure if they will appreciate someone like, oh, let’s say, Pat Sajak, signing a petition saying terrorism is bad, very bad. But what’s worse is that I am sure that those who have lost loved ones in other countries struggling against terrorism to achieve democracy–countries like Iraq or any number of countries in Africa that are also suffering at the hands of militant extremists–are feeling just a little left out that their plight doesn’t warrant a full page ad from Kelly Preston, Danny DeVito, or Bernie Mac.

News like this just makes me a bigger fan of Bono.

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