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Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of…fun. The only movie I have been anxiously waiting to see this summer is “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest.” And I was not disappointed. Bigger, bolder and funnier than the original “Pirates,” I have not had this much fun at a movie since the old-fashioned comedic action adventure movies of my teen years when movies like “Raiders” or “Back To the Future” seamlessly blended comedy and larger-than-life adventures I could have never imagined on my own.

“Dead Man’s Chest” finds our hero and heroine, Will and Elizabeth (Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly) , once again tricked by the dastardly pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) into taking on another adventure on the high seas. This time they come to his aid as Jack is forced to pay a blood debt he owes to the most notorious pirate of all, Davey Jones–who, thanks to this movie, will now become one of the grossest looking villains in movie history. If they are unsuccessful in unearthing the Dead Man’s Chest, which holds Davey Jones’ heart, Jack will be doomed to a life of eternal damnation and servitude aboard Jones’ ship, The Flying Dutchman. If I told you anymore than that, I would ruin the movie for you and I just won’t do it! But believe me when I tell you the action begins immediately and doesn’t stop for over two hours. The stunts and special effects throughout the film are exciting, dazzling and often completely unexpected. The action sequences truly make you feel like you have embarked on one of the greatest theme park rides ever invented.

And if you are looking for spiritual significance in the middle of all of the swashbuckling and treasure stealing , well, there are a few nice moments where the issue at hand is what you would do to stand in someone else’s place and pay that person’s debt–even when they don’t deserve it. And there’s the symbolism of Jack’s magic compass that reveals the truest desires of a person’s heart. But honestly, if you need a spiritual allegory, you are better off going to see “Superman Returns” again–and yawn–while you watch the movie drag on with self-importance.

Is “Dead Man’s Chest” a perfect adventure flick? No. It’s about twenty minutes too long. And I wish there had been more interaction, more verbal repartee, between our three main characters in exchange for one or two fewer action sequences. And it’s a little more violent than the first “Pirates”-–something I am not sure was completely necessary.

But in a summer where the action sequels have been disappointing, “Dead Man’s Chest” is your best bet for escapist entertainment that will help you get in touch with that child within you who used to play dress up or “king of the hill” with your buddies.

Hop aboard the Black Pearl, mate, and prepare yourself for one wild and crazy ride.

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