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“Good Morning America’s” new series-within-a-show, “What’s Your Sign?” debuted today with my fave astrologer Susan Miller (check out her eerily prescient ‘scopes at: She talked about things like why most billionaires are Virgos. Turns out Virgos and Pisces are common superrich signs; Miller says it’s because they care more about doing for others and creating a great product than they do about cash itself. She added that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have some very similar aspects on their charts–indicators of huge wealth–even though they were born nearly two decades apart.

Miller also explained that astrology does not predict the future or interfere with free will; instead, she said, we can find out what’s happening with the stars and then align ourselves accordingly so we’re not swimming upstream. Diane Sawyer looked vaguely embarrassed when she was called out for being the dependable, hard-working Capricorn that she is. (Her co-hosts are apparently both truth-seeking Sagittarians.)

After reading Miller’s monthly horoscopes for years, it was great to see her speak in person, despite the hokey context. She came off as warm, enthusiastic, and surprisingly non-dippy and grounded for someone who practices a notoriously flakey profession (she’s obviously had some good media coaching). It was also fascinating to watch a spiritual, much-maligned art of the cosmos taken fairly seriously on national TV, albeit by a non-serious “news” show. Can’t wait to see the next part in the series. Check out the segment yourself on

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