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The end of Seinfeld was the kiss of death for just about its entire cast–save Jerry Seinfeld of course. Will the similar end of power house drama “The West Wing” mean the same for its long time actors and actresses, who have walked away with armfuls of Emmys but not necessarily a future career?

Emmy award nominee Dule Hill, who played Charlie Young, the President’s personal aide, for the entire life of “The West Wing” (all seven seasons), is first up to try out life after a beloved television drama is laid to rest. He’ll make his post-West Wing debut as Gus, best friend of the central character, Shawn Spencer, in the new USA series, “Psych,” premiering Friday, July 7 at 10pm. “Psych” is an upbeat crime-solving comedy about a cop’s kid–Shawn–who convinces the police that he’s a psychic. Shawn’s not really a psychic, he’s just meticulous in his attention to detail. Dule Hill will play Shawn’s sidekick and reality check when things head out of hand.

I’m rooting for a successful life after West Wing for all concerned and will be interested to see how “Psych” plays out for Hill, his second time around as an assistant of sorts.

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