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Preparations for this Friday’s opening of “The Da Vinci Code” are reaching fever pitch–from eager moviegoers as well as Christians who are angry about the story and its pervasiveness in pop culture. So this begs the question–how should those opposed to “Da Vinci” protest or demonstrate their views?

This New York Times article explains how Christians disagree on which tactics are best. Some argue for boycott, others for protesting in front of theaters. Still others are organizing groups to go see another movie on “Da Vinci’s” opening day.

The debate over tactics is even more complicated by the recent riots over Danish cartoons that caricatured the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Some Christian leaders, while certainly not calling for “Da Vinci” riots, are upset that there hasn’t been more outrage at what they perceive as the story’s insult to Jesus and early Christianity.

Archbishop Angelo Amato, a high-ranking official in the Vatican’s doctrinal office, said in late April, “If such lies and errors had been directed at the Koran or the Holocaust they would have justly provoked a world uprising. Instead, if they are directed against the Church and Christians, they remain unpunished.”

In this video lesson, Christian author Lee Strobel offers suggestions for how Christians can respond, armed with their faith–as he points out, 70 percent of American churches have said they plan to get involved in the debate.

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