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I am sure some ABC exec thought it was a good idea to have Naveen Andrews, one of the stars of ABC’s hit show “Lost,” do the talk-show circuit to promote tonight’s premiere of the ABC miniseries “The Ten Commandments,” in which Andrews plays Menerith, brother to Moses. But Andrews’s comments on “Good Morning America” and “The View” will do little to persuade the religiously inclined to make the story of Moses Must See TV as part of observing this holy week.

As Andrews chatted it up with Barbara Walters and the rest of the ladies on “The View,” he said that he liked this cinematic version of the biblical story because it portrayed Moses as a “nut job” and as someone who in today’s society would probably be nothing more than “a traffic guard or something.” Later on in the interview, when Star Jones pointed out to Andrews that the Bible refers to God’s law as “The Ten Commandments,” not the “Ten Suggestions,” Andrews simply shrugged and said that “all religious dogma is suspect and should be questioned.”

While Andrews is certainly entitled to his opinions, spiritual skepticism and all, he might want to remember that promoting a project means showing just a little bit of respect for the beliefs of the audience for whom the project is primarily intended.

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