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Richard Herskowitz is a brave man. The director of the Virginia Film Festival has chosen a theme for this year’s 70-film hoedown: “Revelations: Finding God at the Movies.” In a news brief released by the University of Virginia, which runs the fest, Herskowitz says he’s looking for films that “explore the growing role of religion in the public sphere,” including “reverent and irreverent” flicks. (No doubt, he’ll also put together a powerful roster for forums as well: UVA has one of the most innovative and well-staffed religion departments in the country, and past festivals have featured luminaries like director Paul Schrader and politically controversial actress Vanessa Redgrave.)

That’s not what makes danger Herskowitz’s middle name, however: it’s his plan to air his selection process and invite discussion on a blog called “Revelations of a Programmer.” Does he realize how many religion-and film, uh, enthusiasts are out there, ready to stampede on a blog? Godspeed, Richard.

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