Ask any parent of divorce their greatest heartache and they will tell you it’s their children’s suffering.

Ask any child of divorce their greatest heartache and they will likely spare their parent’s the truth.

I’ve ridden both sides of this heartache.

In many ways, making it worse knowing exactly the type of pain my children suffer.

When I began writing about this topic to comfort and expose the true angst, I asked my boys if they would be okay with me writing about it. I think because all three are writers themselves and because they are confident enough to share if it means others might be helped – they said yes.

I never imagined such a long journey for them. 

I have said many times, I believed initiating a divorce would free them not hold them captive an additional five years.

I cried through this song by RaeLynn.

As parents, we all wish we could have done better for the greatest gifts we have ever received.

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