How Great Thou Part

Many people have reached out to me since my divorce settlement.

The fairly universal question?

How did it go?


My rote response? “Not well, yet I can’t stop smiling.”

Their next comment is usually – “What relief you must feel.”

I do feel relieved.

And more importantly, I no longer feel held captive by an individual who cared less about healing and moving forward and more about money and control. The headspace that was occupied by being stuck between two worlds was exhausting. I felt as if I kept inching forward only to be swiped backward. To this day it is difficult for me to comprehend the past five years. Perhaps, because money alone would never be a motivation for me to suspend someone from moving in a new direction with their life.

But it worked.

My husband arrived at his desired outcome.

I did not make out well nor do I move forward with any real financial security. The business which I helped build, the investment properties which I initiated and managed for years and more were not recouped in my divorce.

But I am FREE.


I have my boys.

I have God.

So there you have it. The answer to the nitty-gritty of my divorce finalization.

I am just one more statistic in the world of what is known as the more unscrupulous divorce. 

Where the objective is winning and any means it takes to accomplish this is unethically sanctioned.


Did I mention?

I can’t stop smiling.


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