How Great Thou Part

You know when one person is ready to end a relationship and the other is not?

It happens all the time in the relationship world.

In fact, I write about it.

I first met my lawyer five years ago, August 13th to be exact.

It’s pretty fair to say he had absolutely no idea what he was getting himself into. 

Life just throws people in front of your path sometimes.

If you were to ask my lawyer, he would probably tell you he’s been trying to break up with me for at least four of the last five years.

I’m guessing even his family, friends, and co-workers were pleading ‘Dump her already!’


Yet, oddly he hung in there. Though I have come to find out he has been involved in even longer relationships.

It can’t fully be explained.

He put up with my tears, my stress, my anxiety, and my conversational handicap.

The sudden inability to speak succinctly in any manner.

Instead, all words came out in one very long run on sentence.

With no apparent ending, I might add.

Of course, I could muse that perhaps he enjoys robust ‘talkers’ but must acquiesce that he merely tolerated it and that it could have led to our ultimate breakup.

And if he reads this, he will most certainly ponder my written words with bewilderment.

“How is it possible she can pound out the words so succinctly? When all I’m left with is memories of her conversational confusion?”

Hence, why I coined a new expression in my divorce.

What I refer to as ‘verbal vomiting.’

No, not a pretty phrase but neither were these ugly years.

Divorce is akin to a really bad flu you can’t seem to recover from. 

And then ultimately, when it doesn’t seem remotely possible…

There is nothing emotionally left to throw up.

Miraculously, you can actually keep most (I said most) of your words down.

But sadly, not all relationships survive bad behaviors.

And the time comes when one person is ready to end the relationship and the other is not.

It happens all the time in the relationship world.

For my lawyer’s sake, we can only wish him better luck or at the very least a quieter version of the next person life decides to throw in front of his path.



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