How Great Thou Part

In the beginning, divorce teaches you about pain, loss, and tears.

Eventually, it opens up to far greater lessons which in many ways bring a more mature view on relationships.

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At the very least it offers a less idealist lens through which to peer at love.

And provides the tough lessons of boundaries and self-protection which can be harnessed through great individual and relationship counseling.

These are hard lessons learned but valuable nonetheless.

They are also ones proffered once the indomitable heart finally relents and listens to the ever more rational head.


The Top 10 Things Divorce Taught Me About Relationships:


When someone doesn’t fight enough to be a part of two they deserve to be left a party of one


You can’t hold onto people who are already slipping through your fingers


The absence of a relationship far outweighs the existence of an unhealthy one


Not all relationships survive and miraculously herein lies the potential of one to again thrive


There is nothing noble about enduring misery or abuse in the name of keeping it all together 


Love should be expressed not implied


The presence of ‘ego’ means the absence of ‘relationship’ 


The idealist believes in only one romantic love and for the lucky that can be true


The realist understands there is another romantic love waiting once you open yourself up to it


Relationships are a ‘relay,’ it’s in the first two syllables, a constant back and forth without which you will lose at love


There you have it the top ten things divorce taught me about relationships.

Initially, these threaten to break you.

In the end, they make you.

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