In my last column, I wrote about a friend who gives out good vibes.

The kinda person you want to hang out with.

The one who will spread joy, lift you up, and make you feel valued. 

After I wrote it, I thought about how critical it is to attract ourselves to these types of individuals. There is an absence of struggle when you hang with people like this. You don’t fight to explain yourself or be heard. Instead, it is the gift of two friends who are simply able to be ‘present.’

Or should I say, be present as themselves and not who anyone else wants them to be?

There is no projecting when you are with a good vibe person.

I wanted to write about it but then I came across the piece below. It is so well written I thought I would share it instead. It includes all the signs of a truly good vibe person.

10 Irresistible Traits of People With Good Vibes

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