It’s no secret I am incredibly proud to hail from a family of first responders. 

Here’s the thing.

When you belong to a family of selfless heroes you don’t hear all of their stories.

This is simply what they do. And though you could not be prouder you tend to forget the extent of their bravery. That is until you notice the occasional burn, their fatigue seems extraordinary or they seem unusually preoccupied. You can actually forget they spend each and every day serving and protecting mankind.

There are no days off for first responders. 

pexels-photo-263356The type of individual who chooses law enforcement, firefighting or the military is alert every day.

Did I say chooses? 

These are vocations and therefore, they were chosen for it.

The average person does not possess the rare combination of deep empathy and incredible toughness. The ability to be so caring you would rescue a complete stranger but strong enough to accept all the ones you can’t. To witness horrible tragedy yet bounce back each and every time with the hope you will save one more.

If you are like me, you fought back the tears watching the Verizon Super Bowl Commercial. 

All I could think was those are my people.

This is what they spend every day of their lives doing.

I just don’t get to witness the true extent of their incredible capacity to love. 

That commercial showed the immense beauty of mankind and connection. 

It’s why we are all here.

And it’s something first responders demonstrate every day.

The following are Three Lessons First Responders Teach Us About Love:


1. I Love Every Human Being Enough to Risk My Own Life for Them:

These words bear repeating.

First Responders love every human being enough to risk their own lives for them. They don’t look the other way when someone is struggling. They do not say they would rather not get involved or it’s none of their business.

They miraculously see all people as a valuable part of their world.

2. I Answer the Call as Soon as You Need Me:

They hear what you are saying.

There are no excuses from first responders. If you are scared, struggling or suffering they will answer the call immediately. You don’t have to ask them twice or beg or plead. You don’t have to explain yourself or justify your need.

They simply have to know you need them.

3. I Will Be the One Who Shows Up at The Worst Time of Your Life:

When the rest of the world walks out they will be there.

The deepest, darkest and dangerous moments in your life may send others running yet first responders will sprint toward you. They will make you feel safe and secure. They will quiet your fears and harness your emotion.

They care for you in your neediest hours.


It goes without saying we recognize the bravery and selflessness of first responders.

But do we comprehend the true extent of their incredible capacity to love?

And most importantly, how they love us all without expecting love back?

A few minutes of a Super Bowl commercial reminded us maybe they need to answer our call in a different way.

To pick up the phone and hear a thank you, tears or even laughter.

And that they not only serve us…

They serve as a reminder of the immense beauty of mankind and connection.



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