How Great Thou Part

A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook asking everyone to type the one word which best describes them.

Or should I say, the single word we hope best describes us?

It’s hard to narrow it down to a few characters, after all, I think most of us aspire to be the best human beings we can possibly be.

sunset-hands-love-womanIt does put things in perspective. Just how do we intend to live our lives and what tugs at us the most emphatically? I read these one-word responses with curiosity. A type of self-reflection distinctly tied to our purpose.

For some, these were quick pings of the keyboard. In better times it certainly would have been for me.

However, the past years have not only made me more aware of my own value system, it has led to the heightened awareness of others. In other words, there was a day this question would have been strictly based on my own world. Those were the days I never needed anything from anyone. Now my response is in part based on the acute awareness of how some have touched me during this difficult time.

The one word which best describes them and why they were ultimately the people who reached out, lifted me up and got me through.

So how would you answer this simple question?

Would your word be…

honest, loyal, caring, determined, trustworthy, loving, respectful, sincere, joyful, confident, generous, or????????

My word?

I chose kind.

It is by far the most important value to me besides respect.

In fact, I have always told my children popularity is not a goal. It is a by-product of treating every human being the same – with kindness and respect.

The writer in me also feels kindness is an encapsulating word. A person who is kind is often generous, caring, loving and confident enough to treat people well.

On the flip side, I have been incredibly humbled by the kindness of many throughout these past four years.

That is the single word which made the difference in those who reached out, lifted me up and got me through. 

A reminder of one of my favorite quotes…

“It is easy to repay a loan. But we are forever in debt to those who are kind to us.”


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