How Great Thou Part

I believe in praying for everything. 

I am, after all,  the girl who once wrote a column entitled, The Day This Catholic Girl Prayed for Chick fil A. Albeit a humorous moment I was, in fact, hungry and there’s nothing like their chicken sandwich.

I’ve written about this before. The controversy over what we believe we can and can’t pray for. It is a conundrum which I have never really experienced.

IMG_0791I have always spiritually thrown my thoughts up and then waited for God’s response.

I remember after losing my mom, I prayed for a sign she was still with me. Within days, I received back to back nods and excitedly delivered the news to my uncle the priest. He laughed and said, “Colleen, only you would give God a deadline.”

I told my uncle I hadn’t really given it much thought. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the sign so I asked if I could get it by Friday.

Needless to say, we had some roaring laughter at that particular family get together.

Today I boldly prayed big.

Where my boys are concerned I am usually able to pull something off at the last-minute. It is a skill I learned from my own mother.

She always came through for us and never let us down. I know what you are thinking. That is what mothers are supposed to do. But it wasn’t easy for a single mother to do everything and be everything, yet she did.

Somehow she would make the cookies or finish yet another costume for a St. Lukes Elementary Christmas performance. Fortunately, for her, I was often cast as an angel. Somehow they liked to put the chattier kids in the back of the stage. At the last minute there would be a knock at the classroom door and there she would be despite her work schedule.

In other words, had she remained married it would have been far simpler to meet the demands of motherhood.

Thus, my mom’s continual ability to meet all of our emotional, financial and physical needs was remarkable.

My friend ‘Lucy’ has long called me resourceful because I can usually take a big dilemma and defy the odds.

This time I find myself unable to.

I would say it is due to my current circumstances yet I have overcome many a challenge these past four years.

So today I boldly prayed big. 

Because I need help, God’s help. 

I might have even thrown in another deadline. 

Because the thought of not being the same mother I have always been able to be – the kind my own mom was – where I can come through for my children in the tight spots of life  – quite frankly overwhelms me.

I boldly prayed big.

As I am certain my mother often did.

She is the one who taught me to spiritually throw my thoughts up and wait for God’s response.

Well, minus the deadline.

My mom would be the first to say it’s why she continued to outdo her ‘cookie and costume’ days.


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