We have to move.

I know you don’t understand. 

I am so sorry.


This is where you met your pack.

Where you traveled from room to room  – carefully choosing whose bed you would jump into and who to snuggle next to at night.

Where you peered out a window perch to make sure all of your people came home to you.

The four walls where you kept us safe – your four-legged walls.

The place where you barked at scary strangers. Where you wiggled your backside until the UPS guy would gift his trademark treat. Where you greeted the take-out person and then disloyally hopped back over the threshold towards the scent of food.

In this house, you kept watch over babies…chased after little boys…and comforted young men.

I am so sorry.

I know this is where you feel most safe.

I know you will miss the room where you seek sanctuary and feel comforted until I return in your favorite car.

I know you will miss the woods and the squirrels you play tag with.

I know you will miss the kitchen counter where you steal food you believe to be yours.

And your friends.

I am so sorry.


I know you will miss them.

The walks down the street. The four-legged language only you understand. The way just hearing their names can evoke the joy of a doggie Christmas morning.

I am so sorry.

I know how you love to chase the deer. That they were your puppy role models and it’s why you spring up and down in their native form as you chase after them.

I am so sorry.

There won’t be any deer where we are moving. You won’t have your neighborhood buddies. You won’t rest your head upon the window sill that made this your home.

But I promise you, you will still have your pack.

The boys who wrestled a bit too rough with you when you were just a baby and who held you way too tight when you were lost for an entire night. You human brother who said he would come home from college in the middle of the night to search for you. Your other human brothers who spent hours keeping vigil.

I am so sorry.

You don’t understand this change to your pack.

But I promise you we are your people.

Where we go you will go.

No rental without pets will do for us. No new friend who doesn’t like dogs will catch our attention. No home without you will be our home.

For we are not just your pack.

For YOU are also our pack.

And just as you wait for us each day. We wait to see you. We call your name as we enter the house. We wait for you to snuggle safely beside us. We laugh while you try and open doors and chase after squirrels who can never be caught.


We have to move.

I know you don’t understand.

I am so sorry.

But we ARE your people. Our walls will always be four-legged walls.

We will once again find a place for our pack to feel safe – and brand new squirrels who won’t ever let you win the game.


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