How Great Thou Part

Let’s face the real truth about ‘spousal alienation.’ It is a glorified phrase for basic bullying.

The act of one parent turning a child or children against the other parent may be one of the most egregious divorce atrocities.

‘Spousal Alienation’ is the sad behavior of a parent who lacks the ability to put their own children first. Instead, they use them to further their individual agenda during the dissolution of a marriage. They will ‘use and confuse’ a child and make them an emotional, and psychological weapon against their spouse.

This parental bully demonstrates no conscience while manipulating a beautiful child and turning them into a bullying mini-me.


The children of divorce are smart. Deep down they know the truth about what parent has done what because they have lived it. However, the pain, loss, instability and chaos of divorce can make even the strongest child extremely vulnerable.

Thus, providing a ripe environment for the misbehaving parent because as all bullies realize, the most vulnerable people are the easiest targets.

Making it worse? Deep down every child is trusting and they are especially trusting of their parents. Even a parent they know may have behaved badly in the past. Children are intrinsically good and they see the best in their mother and father despite the difficulties in the home.

Furthermore, every child wants and needs to love and feel loved by both of their parents. It is their right and they deserve it.

The manipulation of a child to ‘use and confuse’ their innocence and love is immature, insecure and selfish.

Children need their parents to behave like an adult, who will protect them. And not a child who will sacrifice them to win the divorce tantrum.


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