How Great Thou Part

In the shoes flying, door slamming war of the roses phase, divorce seems to have little to offer. 

You vacillate between “How will I get through this?” to “Why on earth did I do this?”

You cry, you yell, you whimper, and then you cry a bit more. And it’s not a normal kind of crying. The type that bleeds enough tears to make you feel all better. Nope. This is ‘a leak in your heart’ sort of emotional plumbing insurance disaster.

You no longer want to be you and it’s pretty clear in between wiping your tears, your friends fear being you.

But as someone I know once said, there are great gifts that come wrapped in really ugly packages.

Even scary, distorted, ugly divorce. 

The Big 3 Best Outcomes of the Worst Divorce:



Emotional Healing:

The days of being controlled, lied to, disrespected, or whatever emotionally harmful tattoos which once seemed alarmingly permanent are over. The ink is fading and color in your cheeks is returning. The face in the mirror looks beautifully familiar and the darkness has turned to light.

A puppet no more to co-dependency or enabling or general unhappiness.

You are free to reclaim yourself. Free to learn about yourself. Free to be educated about healthier and better relationships.

You are free to heal from an extended emotional illness.

Emotional Self-Worth:

Wow! You deserve better and now you remember that or have discovered it for the very first time. This is one of the greatest gifts wrapped in an ugly divorce package.

You almost spent a lifetime with a person who didn’t know how to love you or who loved you as much as they were capable of loving anyone. But it wasn’t a healthy love.

A healthy love means two people thrive and secretly or overtly proclaim they have won the spousal lottery.

Chances are you didn’t feel loved for longer than you care to remember. To perpetually walk without love may be one of life’s greatest and at the same time most avoidable tragedies. 

Now with the right counseling and self-education, you can attract yourself just as easily to one who can love you well as you did to one who could not.

Emotional Freedom:

The world is your oyster again. It is limitless and full of possibilities. It is no longer weighted down by anger, pain, sadness and fear. You get to discard all of these negative loads and release your hot air balloon towards new heights.

Emotional freedom is both liberating and empowering.

It restores you. You have hope and belief that new dreams and new experiences are not only possible but attainable.

Emotional freedom releases your past while it restores your future.


Who knew even a shoe throwing, door slamming war of the roses ugly divorce could unwrap such beautiful presents?

Those who have had the courage to rummage through the worst to discover the best.

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