When we believe people love us it stands to reason that we believe they care about us.

Sadly, there are numerous ways that people who SAY they love us, SHOW us that they do not care about us.

The question begs, how is that possible? How could someone who loves us not care about us?

It is possible in what could be described as one-sided relationships.

A relationship where a person loves another person who needs to be in control, is selfish, self-absorbed, demanding, insecure, unhappy, lacks empathy and a variety of other variables.

5 Indicators that someone you love doesn’t care about you:

1. You talk, beg and they still don’t listen – You exhaust yourself verbally, yet your significant other either ignores you, says you never shut up, walks away from you, or implies that you don’t get over things.

Wake-Up Call – You are in a relationship with a person who finds your feelings (worry, stress, happiness, sadness, etc.) irrelevant.

The Truth: If you have to beg to be heard – Recognize this person does not care about you or your feelings.

2. When arguing, only you add love – You argue and like most say horrible things that you absolutely don’t mean. However, either in between that argument or later, you double back and explain how much you love this person despite the disagreement. You may even go so far as to tell this person that despite the trouble and insurmountable odds that you can’t live without them and that you are sorry. They do not, even in quiet moments add love.

Wake-Up Call – You are in a relationship with a person who has an ego bigger than any love they will ever hold for you.

The Truth: If love is never added either during or after an argument then you are in a relationship with a person who cares less about you than the beauty of love.

3. They are willing to leave you – If you are in a relationship with an individual who will leave the relationship for a few days, a week, a month or more – get out while you can. A person who truly loves another in the most healthy and confident manner will not regularly choose walking away from them. In fact, if a person leaves more than once, absolutely expect them to leave a third and fourth and continual time.

Wake-Up Call – You are in a relationship with someone who is self-absorbed enough to not miss your absence or confused enough to not value you enough.

The Truth: People who genuinely love one another do not want to abandon one another in good times or in bad. They see one another as what sustains them and not what is expendable to them.

4. They ignore your phone calls & texts – If you are in a relationship with an individual who has a million excuses why they can’t respond to you – SERIOUSLY, do not kid yourself. They have to respond to people they work with, their own family and friends, don’t they? Oh, and unless you are a serial texter, don’t believe it when they tell you that you are just too demanding.

Wake-Up Call – You are in a relationship with someone who finds you unimportant and does not have time for you.

The Truth – People who care about one another – WORRY ABOUT ONE ANOTHER. Write this down. People who really care feel worried, terrible, responsible, etc. about leaving another person hanging on the other end of a text or phone.

5. Their life is more important than yours – If you are in a relationship with someone who constantly references everything they have going on in their work or personal life as a reason for not having time for you – RUN! They are too preoccupied with themselves to care about your work or personal life or your combined relationship.

Wake-Up Call – You are in a relationship with someone who lives strictly in their own world and they will not find room for you.

The Truth – People who care – oddly care about not just themselves. They actually care about the people they love and are in a relationship with. They believe love means the beauty of experiencing more than one world.

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