How Great Thou Part

Love should be so easy, yet it is so complicated.

Scratch that!

People are complicated. Love is not.

6 Signs a Person is Capable of Loving You Unconditionally:

1. They are confident – Sounds so simple doesn’t it? However, there are people who appear confident, but in actuality lack the authentic confidence it takes to be devoid of ego. An ego gets in the way of unconditional love.

2. They are good communicators – They can communicate with respect and without ego. They have the ability to resolve conflict rather than attach it to the relationship with the possibility of making the other person feel badly about themselves.

3. They are not judgmental – They are tolerant and accepting. This is also a nod to a confident individual who is also grown up enough to accept that not only is every person different, but the world necessitates it. It should be celebrated rather than criticized.

4. They were unconditionally loved themselves. They come from families who have loved well and avoided the pitfalls of controlling, disrespectful, ego filled relationships. Or they came from families who that did love well, but did not communicate well and they learned how to go on to take that love and learn the type of communication that makes it truly unconditional.

5. They are not controlling – They have the ability to love their partner without controlling them.

6. They are mature – There are individuals that grow up and then there are individuals who still behave much the same way they did when they were young. It is difficult for an immature person to love unconditionally because they still have the spoiled tendencies of a child. They still put themselves and their own needs first. They are so tied up in their own need to get their way that they don’t have the maturity and selflessness necessary to love unconditionally.

*Please note that this column is the second in a 3 Part Series:
The 1st Column is titled: The 6 Essential Ingredients of a Disrespectful Communicator
The 2nd Column is titled: 6 Signs a Person Is Capable of Loving You Unconditionally
The 3rd Column in this series is titled: Is the Person You Love Sending You Mixed Messages?

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