How Great Thou Part

I pull into the parking space. I sip my coffee as I listen to “The Bobby Bones Show.” A nationally syndicated country radio show based out of Nashville, Tennessee. A caller is on the line.

She tells of getting a flat tire. A couple of guys stop to help her fix it. She apologizes that she has no cash to offer them for their kindness.

“No problem,” they respond. ‘We’re just out Pimpin Joy.’

I raise my coffee cup for another sip and get lost in thought.

I dig this phrase, “Pimpin Joy.” After all, I always say that ‘Life should be an experiment with joy.’

‘Pimpin Joy’ is a movement started by “The Bobby Bones Show” when co-host Amy’s mother realized that she would battle cancer a third time. It seems that when she found out this heartbreaking news, Judy (Amy’s mom) went to the chapel and prayed.

“She asked aloud that she would somehow be used for a positive purpose in this circumstance. Essentially praying to see the good between the blessing and the mess.” – (a quote from Amy’s sister, Cristi on

So ‘Pimpin Joy’ became a thing. It became Judy’s thing. The good and the blessing in the mess. The joie de vivre movement to get people to ‘Pimp Joy’ on a daily basis.

I listen to them respond to the caller.

I get choked up. You know me – at this phase of my life I’m pretty much bleeding Kleenex. I alternate my fascination with Judy and her astounding grace and Bobby Bones and his captivating, transcending, transparancy. I know big words for even this writer.

A while back I wrote one of my columns about Oprah. I wrote about my fascination that none of the television big wigs can understand how to replace her. They just keep slapping celebrities on talk shows. That’s just not gonna work. Oprah is a missionary of life. She has a captivating, transcending, transparency. We know her. We know her story. We know she’s just finding her way, trying to inspire, trying to make a difference. Oprah keeps doing this with full disclosure and along the way introduces us to others that do the same.

Bobby Bones is just a guy just making his way. He’s not afraid to share with full disclosure. It’s who he is. He’s not a radio celebrity. He’s a missionary of life. We know him. We know his story. At the same time, he introduces us to inspiring people like Judy along the way (well by way of Amy that is).

I dab at my eyes. Shut the car off and head to my appointment.

Bobby Bones is just talking about life. He’s really good at it.

And I am listening.

In the meantime, I’ll be ‘Pimpin Joy’ as a thing. As Judy’s thing. The good and the blessing in the mess.
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