How Great Thou Part

I just read a quote on Pinterest.

“When you refuse to hide your scars they become a lighthouse for someone else” – Jon Acuff

I think people who are divorcing want to hide their scars more than most. There is somehow a ridiculously, undeserved shame to failing at marriage. In other aspects of life, failures are seen as stepping stones only in relationships we hide the failures until they become so permanent that they result in divorce.

For me, love is like business (at least the marketing work that I do). It is so unbelievably simple and core like, yet so difficult to do well.

I didn’t want to be a lighthouse. I am certain the others like me don’t want to be either. Only whether it’s writing this column or turning to a friend and offering support, we need to be because divorce is one of our darkest hours.

Scars are a sign that we are healing. Albeit slowly, we are healing nonetheless.

If your wounds are still raw – find your lighthouse.

I hope that I am one of them.

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