I am out with four of my girlfriends last night. Everyone is taking turns catching each other up in our lives.

I joke about “going on my second husband field trip.” It is simply divorce humor since I am still not, yet divorced. Even more humorous because the truth is I can’t imagine dating again. It doesn’t sound remotely exciting. In fact, it sounds horrific.

We laugh a bit about the hunting grounds of divorcees. I mean, I guess it makes sense. There has to be a strategy since the pool isn’t stocked with as many fish as it used to be.

A bar – yuck sounds swarmy! Don’t want to meet someone in one of them. I’ve already witnessed that “Lucky Lounge” choreography from afar. No thanks.

Joining clubs – I don’t have the energy for myself and my children. I can’t see joining an organization at this point in the hopes of hooking up. Too much work.

Dating sites – now we have some significant laughter as we throw out the options, a little match.com, a little Christian Mingle, a little Our Time? Am I the only person who doesn’t remotely find those options appealing? I’m not being snobby. They work for a lot of people. I just am either not remotely ready or they all seem like too much work too.

Our friend who is in visiting us from Florida, I will call her “Philomena,” always jokes that she has enough friends. We joke that we got in under the radar (before the cap – Lucky us).

I think I am on page with “Philomena” at this point in my life. Maybe I already know enough people. Maybe I’m not really interested in meeting anymore. Maybe, I’ve had enough with one husband. Maybe I don’t need anymore.

This morning I log onto my e-mail. I open one of my job alert’s. It seems there’s a position (I know really not the best word to use) for a sales director for “It’s Just Lunch.”

Hhmmm, a new job with a matchmaking company?

I read the description. Seems I’m not the best fit.

I wasn’t ready to make new friends anyway.

After all, I have my girlfriends and like “Philomela” says, “They are enough.”
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