I am a writer. I am also a marketer.

This is my world view.

I am all about stories and connecting the dots from beginning to end. I am also about problem solving and connecting the dots until something is made profitable and works even better than it once did.

I now see relationships through the lens of marketing.

I wish someone had taught me what I term an ’emotional vocabulary.’ The phrases that usher in love and the ones that cast love aside. If I had learned these phrases that either beautify a relationship or destroy it I would have understood what I call ’emotional profitability’ much sooner.

So why is respect so important to love?

Disrespect = Don’t Care

It means I care more about my opinion than listening to what you feel. This is contradictory to love.

Respect = I Do Care

I always say that “Respect means you don’t have to understand or agree with something for it to be someone else’s truth.”

These are 8 phrases that signify a lack of respect in a relationship.

I don’t care
Why does that matter to you
That shouldn’t bother you
That’s silly
That’s ridiculous
You’re making a big deal out of nothing
That’s not my problem
You’re overreacting


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