With Shavuot on the horizon, I feel obliged to teach my kids about the ten commandments. I’m fine with that – they’re good rules. After all, who wants their kids stealing? Or murdering? And that honor your mother and father bit? Brilliant.

I’m stumped, however, about how to explain “Do not commit adultery” to my daughters. They have only the vaguest notion of what sex is. In other words, they know it takes a man and a woman to make a baby,  but they have no idea how. I’d like to capture the real meaning of this commandment in language that makes sense to them. But, I have no idea how.

I asked folks on the Homeshuling facebook page for their ideas; here are some of the better suggestions:

People who are married must be a good and faithful partner for each other.

Be trustworthy to the person you are married to.

Be honest with your husband and wife.

Do not steal someone’s husband or wife.

Don’t go on dates with anyone besides your spouse.

A few people suggested something akin to “keep your promises to your husband or wife” but I’m afraid this one makes it seem as if people who divorce are breaking this commandment, which they aren’t.

Any other suggestions?



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