June 2011 Archives

Inspired by my prolific and generally impressive friend Sarah, who blogs over at Standing in the Shadows, I’m creating a summer wish list. I originally had titled this post “A summer to-do list” but that sounded like way to much …Read More

Today was my last official day of work for the school year, although every teacher knows that we never really stop working. (In fact, I haven’t even finished cleaning my classroom.) At our final staff meeting for the year, we …Read More

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a new picture book coming out in the fall – The Shabbat Princess. I hope to be visiting some Jewish book fairs around the country in …Read More

This was supposed to be the new photo for my blog header. It’s great, isn’t? I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn more about Jewish parenting from a mother who looks like she is about to kill her children while …Read More

My daughter Ella is turning eight this summer, and will not be receiving her monthly PJ Library fix much longer. She’s also beginning to  consider herself too old for picture books. And while I disagree (I’m 43, and I still …Read More

Today I sent my kindergarten students home with a shopping bag full of their creations – lots of drawings, quite a few stories, some paintings, some collages, and prints, and, yes, a few math and spelling worksheets for good measure. …Read More

This past Friday night I organized a shabbat dinner for the families of my kindergarten class. It was primarily a social event, but also a chance for parents to experience what the children have learned about shabbat over the course …Read More

Tonight I did something I haven’t done in a long, long time. I went to a show at the Iron Horse Music Hall, an intimate music venue in the center of town that I frequented a lot in the days …Read More

My friend Alicia Jo Rabins, of Girls in Trouble fame (but more importantly to me, from “played fiddle at my wedding” fame) was interviewed on Tablet about the tradition of the Tikkun Leil Shavuot, staying up all night to study …Read More

With Shavuot on the horizon, I feel obliged to teach my kids about the ten commandments. I’m fine with that – they’re good rules. After all, who wants their kids stealing? Or murdering? And that honor your mother and father …Read More