Inspired by my prolific and generally impressive friend Sarah, who blogs over at Standing in the Shadows, I’m creating a summer wish list. I originally had titled this post “A summer to-do list” but that sounded like way to much pressure for the summer. So, here are a handful of things I hope to do this summer. (Sarah had 50. See what I mean about impressive?) I’m tagging a bunch of other bloggers to join in. If I didn’t tag you, but you have a blog, please join in anyway! Otherwise, you can add your contributions to the comments.

1. Watch the sunrise or set on the beach.

2. Use all the greens from our CSA without sending anything to compost.

3. Come up with an idea for a new picture book.

4. Go more than 2 days without using the car.

5. Figure out what to do about this blog.

6. Organize and host a board-game seudah shlishit. Or any seudah shlishit.

7. Get back in the habit of doing havdallah, even if we have to wait until Sunday morning.

8. Get prints of at least some of the photos I’ve taken over the last three years and organize them in a photo album.

9. Camp out more than we did last summer (which was twice.)

10. Take advantage of the Norwich Family Center more than we did last summer (which was not at all.)

11. Go on at least three dates with my husband (including our anniversary.)

12. Get our money’s worth from our season pass to Musante Beach (six or more visits.)

13. Exercise more. Eat better.

14. Do no school related work for an entire week.

15. Promote The Shabbat Princess.

16. Go blueberry picking.

17. Eat more meals outside.

18. Borrow lots of great novels from the library and manage to avoid accruing any fines.

OK, now for the meme part. I’m tagging some other Jewish parenting bloggers –  Ima on the Bima, Frume Sarah, Bible Belt Balabusta, On the Lettuce Edge, Midianite Manna, Adventures in Mamaland, The Rebbetzin Rocks, These Little Waves, and Ima2Seven. If you participate, please put a link back to this meme!

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