April 2011 Archives

I was offered some free samples of Pom pomegranate juice this year – they wanted to promote their Kosher for Passover status and I was pleased to add something, really just about anything, new to our Passover repertoire. When I …Read More

My friend Molly has a great blog, Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce, in which she writes about how she and her ex-husband have gone from being bickering spouses to good friends and harmonious co-parents. Her stories are ,by turns, funny, heartbreaking …Read More

I am not a creative or innovative cook, but I am a very competent cook. Essentially, this means that I know how to pick a good recipe, I know how to follow a recipe, and I can pick which recipes …Read More

Zoe has already asked me five times today whether it’s time to count the omer.  Yes, it’s a mitzvah to count how many days have passed from the second day of Passover until Shavuot, and yes, it’s true that according to …Read More

I spent a sleepless night surfing the internet for creative and beautiful ways to prepare eggs. While nothing tops these beautiful huevos haminados prepared by Ima on the Bima, I didn’t have it in me to track down piles of …Read More

I was scrolling through last year’s Passover posts and found this. We’re not going to my mom’s this year, but the issues we confront are the same every year. More about this year’s solution, and how we maintain a loving, …Read More

I write a lot about contemporary Jewish children’s books. It’s a topic I care a lot about as a parent, a teacher and an author. I think the quality of these books has, overall, increased enormously since I was a …Read More

My kids didn’t watch Sesame Street when they were little. But last year, they received the entire run of the Muppet Show on dvd. So, it’s not surprising that their favorite parts of Shalom Sesame‘s It’s Passover, Grover feature those …Read More

According the the Torah, we are obligated to teach our children about the Exodus. But try using a picture book to fulfill this mitzvah, and you’ll find that half of the children’s Passover books are about fluffy (or not-so-fluffy) matzoh …Read More

I’ve got a plan. And I need your help. I love the seder. Note the use of the singular. I love one seder. Two? It’s a bit much for me. If you ask me, there’s a good reason that wasn’t …Read More