February 2011 Archives

A life story can be told through a variety of motifs – golf courses played, loves lost, songs heard on the radio – but none is quite so cozy as a life measured in skeins of yarn. Michelle Edwards, author …Read More

There’s an inherent problem with board books, those little book-ettes made entirely of hard cardboard. Generally, babies will fixate on one (often the one you hate the most) and ask for it again. And again. And again. But once they …Read More

Thank you to my mom, Judy Meltzer, for this glimpse of her life as bubbe par excellence There are many times when I find myself rejoicing at my good fortune – that I am Jewish and can enjoy the great …Read More

Some of the “strategies” I used to try to get my girls to come to shul with me this morning: “There will be no computer time this weekend if you don’t come.” “If you come with me this week, I …Read More

My five and seven year old daughters both started receiving an allowance a few months ago. Zoe gets $1 a week and Ella gets $1.50, one quarter of which goes into their tzedakah boxes. So far, neither of them has …Read More

I blogged recently about my foray into pretzel rolls, which were a big hit. I began wondering, if you can make pretzel rolls…..why not a pretzel challah? A google search confirmed that a bakery in Los Angeles offers this delicacy, …Read More

As you may have heard, there’s been a lot of snow around here this week. What better way to spend two snowbound days than to do a little baking? (Also a lot of writing, though not for the blog. I …Read More