December 2010 Archives

My family was a little confused when I brought these home from the supermarket today. Why would I buy miniature Christmas trees at all, much less on the day after Christmas? Because they were on sale, of course!  These four …Read More

For the last two months, we have been battling the plague of lice. First Ella. Then Zoe. Then Ella and Zoe. Then Zoe again. Now Ella. We’ve tried the Lice Lady‘s Pantene method and the Cetaphil Method. We’ve used the …Read More

Despite recent evidence to the contrary, this is not a cooking blog. But I like to cook and when I stumble on something as delicious as this pot pie, I like to share. Even if my ungrateful brats lovely children thought …Read More

I live in a town with many redeeming qualities. Unfortunately, a good bagel shop* is not one of them. As a native of Baltimore, and a former resident of Manhattan, I know a good bagel from a roll-with-hole, and I’d …Read More

Shabbat is many things, but relaxing is not always one of them. Even if all the food preparations have been completed before sundown on Friday, eating three seudot (meals), hosting guests or just being guests, and trying to get a …Read More

While working on my first piece for about Jewish books, I came across this old piece, written for The PJ Library that never made it to my blog.  When I was a child, the very first stories I read about …Read More

Have you had a chance to look up at the night sky recently? You may have, since it seems to be getting dark at about, say, noon these days. The new moon emerged a few days ago, as it does …Read More

I’ve come up with some terribly unsuccessful menorah making projects as a teacher. There were the self-hardening clay menorahs that crumbled almost instantly, and the Model Magic menorahs that caught on fire, to name but a few. This year I …Read More

No, I’m not questioning whether or not to light one, or several, menorahs tonight. That’s the essence, after all, of the mitzvah of pirsumei nissa, publicizing the miracle of the holiday. But today, as I prepare for the first night …Read More