There are approximately six weeks until Chanukah. We are currently in the month of Cheshvan, often referred to as bitter Cheshvan because it is the only Hebrew month without a holiday. While that might sound like a gift, after the hectic pace of Tishrei, when Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and eight days of Sukkot fall in rapid succession, I’ve got a better gift. Jewish children’s books – for you, dear readers. (And aren’t you lucky there are so few of you? That makes your odds of winning much better than at those popular Jewish parenting blogs

Photo 147.jpg

Stay tuned every Sunday, when I’ll write about the book of the week and give the details of the giveaway. And no, I’m not just giving away our oversupply of picture books, though I ought to.
See you Sunday! And until then, Shabbat Shalom
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