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Last night, my daughters spent several hours acting out an ancient Jewish tradition, completely of their own accord. They gathered up ritual objects, recited brachot, bandied about Yiddish and Hebrew terminology, and mimicked practices described in the Talmud. When I …Read More

Summer is here in all its humid glory (at least in my neck of the woods.) The ceiling fans are on overdrive, we’re gobbling up strawberries and sugar snap peas by the quart, and we’ve hit the local reservoir almost …Read More

Written for The PJ Library July e-newsletter  Abby was in tears. Her mother and father were in tears. And so was Grandma….There were hugs and kisses and all too soon they said their good-byes. And Grandma went home. Alone. Thus …Read More

In a few hours, my husband will be opening his Father’s Day gift – a set of four Henckels steak knives (Did you click on the link? Such a bargain, right?) I imagine that steak knives are a fairly typical Father’s …Read More

Tonight we’re heading over to shul for an outdoor service and a potluck dinner. This meant I could come home from work and make one dish. Someone else is taking care of the juice, the wine, the challah, and all …Read More

Yesterday was the last day of school for my first grader, who attends a Jewish day school. Although I’m a Jewish educator by profession, I count on her school to do most of the education. Granted, I was her teacher this year, …Read More

This is the one bumper sticker I have on my car. And while I don’t consider myself divine, I do pride myself on doing more than kvetching. I try to put my energy into change (or has that word lost …Read More

Yesterday, my daughter Ella went to shul with me to attend a bat-mitzvah. (My younger daughter, Zoe, was home with 102° fever.) I wanted to see the bat-mitzvah girl read from the Torah, so we arrived significantly earlier than usual. …Read More

Last night, I attended graduation at the day school where I teach, and where both my daughters will (God willing) eventually receive their diplomas. It was a very moving event, especially when each of the upper-grade teachers spoke at some …Read More

I thought I had set up this blog to send me an email every time someone posted a comment. Apparently, I did not do this correctly, and today I discovered a dozen comments that I had not published, because they …Read More