A few years ago, my daughters went to a Valentine making workshop at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. This is a gem of a museum, and the program was wonderful (my lack of enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day notwithstanding.) But while I sat there watching my girls potchke with collage materials for over an hour, I couldn’t help but think… wouldn’t it be great if they did this for Purim?
So this year I wrote a grant to offer a series of Jewish parent-child art workshops at a local art studio where Ella has taken some fabulous classes. Thanks to the generosity of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation Arts and Culture Initiative, yesterday we led the first of these events.
We started with these
and these
and of course, these.

A couple of hours (and a bunch of recycled cereal boxes) later, we came out with these

and also some of these

Our next workshop will be on March 28 (yes, I know it’s the day before Passover.) We’ll be learning book making techniques and doing something else really cool which we will decide upon in the next few days. I promise to post more pictures.
ps, doesn’t Zoe look cute working on her basket? The only problem is she worked so hard on it she refuses to give it away…

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