Ella has the flu and no appetite to speak of. My mom’s advice? Jell-o. Ever the only-somewhat-dutiful daughter, I went to the local co-op and asked for “something resembling jello, but not jello.” They knew just what I meant, and sent me home with 2 boxes of this. Kosher, vegan, “jel dessert” with no artifical colors or flavors. Just what the doctor ordered.
jel, not jello
It looked like this. For about a minute, until my flu-y daughter gobbled it down. (To the extent that you can call jello-eating “gobbling.” I guess it’s more like shlurpling. )Anyway, she’s on her third bowl tonight. It has virtually no nutritious value, just like real Jell-o, but at least it’s not full of poisons. And animal bones.
Get well soon!

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