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I made up a Jewish mama meme when I first started this blog, mostly as a way to connect to other Jewish parenting bloggers. Now that my blog is a little more established, I’d like to try it again. So, with the “holiday season” fast approaching, I hereby introduce the Holiday version of the Jewish Mommy Meme:
One menorah, or several? Hillel or Shammai? (just kidding about that part)
So far, one for the grownups and one for the kids. And that’s your idea of a joke?
Do you buy your children gifts for every night of Chanukah?
They get a gift every night, but not necessarily from their parents. Also, most of the gifts are small and some are for the girls to share.
Do you and your spouse/partner or any other adults in your life exchange gifts?
No, this one’s for the kids only. Though I have a suprise in store for DH this year.
Special family chanukah traditions?
We buy the girls a big box of new art supplies every year – new markers, new paper, and a few surprises. Also, bubbe comes and makes latkes.
Latkes or sufganiyot? If latkes, sour cream or applesauce?
We are totally about latkes. But only Bubbe’s latkes. With both, of course.
Favorite chanukah book?
An old chapter book I had growing up called “The Magic Top” by Rosalind Welcher. It’s out of print, but I still have the 1965 edition.
Do you actually play dreidl? If so, what do you use for counters?
Sometimes, when bubbe visits. We use black beans (dry.)
What relationship, if any, do you have with Christmas and all things Christmas-y?
Sometimes we visit my husband’s parents on X-mas eve. This year we may watch a few of the classic tv specials. And sometimes, to amuse myself, I tell my kids that Santa is Moshe Rabeinu.
I’m tagging everyone named below plus anyone else who is reading this and wants to join in. If you can think of any better questions, please add them, because mine are really lame.

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