October 2009 Archives

Pics, as promised: Now we face the real dilemma – what to do with all this candy? While we usually have cookies in the house, and occasionally ice cream, we don’t ever buy candy. My children have had so little …Read More

In my daughter’s day school, talk of Halloween is off-limits, because of its origin as a pagan holiday. If I had to guess, I would bet that 96% of the 100 students who attend her school celebrate the holiday, which, …Read More

Despite our green instincts, we bought paper cups for our annual sukkah party. I took out a sharpee so that people could label their cups, rather than reaching for a new one each time they put one down, and Ella …Read More

My appreciation of shabbat has increased about a zillion percent since going back to work full time. While I’m not as traditionally observant as I once was (you know, before I married a goy), I take the idea of a …Read More

I’m nowhere near as crafty or fastidious as the Bible Belt Balabusta, but we did make some adorable model sukkahs in my first grade classroom. The goal of the lesson was to reinforce the concept that a sukkah is made …Read More

It was a wet sukkot this year, and we didn’t have the chance to invite our friends to join us in decorating the walls. But we managed one good day of painting: Here’s Ella writing on the walls of the …Read More

Early fall is an exhilarating, but exhausting time in our house, involving a lot of cleaning, cooking, inviting, celebrating, and a little more shul that we are used to. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot fill almost three consecutive weeks, …Read More

I’ll be back when this crazy month is over. Maybe a post a day to brighten *mar cheshvan? (*The Hebrew month of cheshvan is known as mar cheshvan, or bitter cheshvan, because of the absence of a single Jewish holiday …Read More