Pics, as promised:
Now we face the real dilemma – what to do with all this candy? While we usually have cookies in the house, and occasionally ice cream, we don’t ever buy candy. My children have had so little in their lifetime, that at every house we went to, Zoe (my self-described treat-atarian) would point to the candy in the bowl and ask wonderously, like the simple son at the seder, “what is this?”Most candy-givers would patiently try to describe of the confection, but after seeing no glimmer of recognition on her face, they would look upon her with pity and exclaim  something like “It’s good! You’ll like it!” (and then, more softly….”you poor, deprived child.”)
My husband and I decided that candy will be freely given for the next week (well, one or two pieces a day) and then removed from the premises.  I explained this to the girls while we were trick or treating, and it in no way dampened their enthusiasm for collecting 13 pounds of crap. Each. But they did want to know what we would do with the rest. Since I didn’t want to tell them that we would probably take it to work, I asked them what they thought we should do with it.
“Can we save it for special occasions?” asked Ella.
“How about shabbat?” I suggested.
“YESSSSS,” they exclaimed, in unison.
I may have spoken before I thought this through. In any case, do stay tuned for the future adventures of Home Shuling and her shabbat crap fests.
ps – would love hear how the rest of you handle the heaps of candy

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