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This past week, our family planted a vegetable garden in our backyard. It was a day of dirty knees, even dirtier fingernails, and lots of shoveling. By the time bedtime rolled around, everyone was exhausted. But of course, not too […]

I’m leaving today for my aunt’s funeral. It’ll be a quick trip to my mother’s place in Baltimore, and then back just  in time for Shavuot (if I’m lucky.) I’m picking up cheesecake for the family at Trader Joe’s before […]

Here’s a newsflash – I’ve been thinking a lot about the economy recently. It’s hard not to, of course. Who hasn’t been touched by the recession in one way or another, and who isn’t at least a little worried? As […]

I’m discovering a whole world of Jewish mommy bloggers, and I’m fantasizing about having one giant shabbat dinner together…..or maybe even a shabbaton? But for now a virtual shabbat will have to do. So here’s my shabbat meme, otherwise known […]

Yesterday I received an email from Artscroll, an Orthodox publishing house, with a prayer to be recited over one’s children on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the evening before the new month of Sivan begins. The email explains that since the […]

Rebecca! Thanks to for selecting the winner of the Nicole Engblom mezuzah.

You might be familiar with the book The Shabbat Box, by Lesley Simpson. It’s a sweet story about a little boy whose preschool teacher sends home a special shabbat box with a different student each Friday. On his week, he […]

Since I’ve finally mailed off the prize for my last contest, I thought it was time for another giveaway. Since I’m a big advocate of putting a mezuzah on the door, I’m giving away a very cute child’s mezuzah case, […]

There were no Lag B”Omer bonfires in our town. So, we made our own. I almost can’t believe this is my backyard.    finally used those Passover marshmallows     Rabbi Riqi claims to be a pacifist Zoe did not […]

  once again After seeing a sudden spike in visitors to my blog, I discovered that if you do a google-images search for breastfeeding, my site is the first one to come up. I guess any traffic is good traffic, […]