I’m discovering a whole world of Jewish mommy bloggers, and I’m fantasizing about having one giant shabbat dinner together…..or maybe even a shabbaton? But for now a virtual shabbat will have to do. So here’s my shabbat meme, otherwise known as a shmeme. (Someone has to make these up, right?)
1. Challah – home baked or bought?
We used to bake our own, but the mom of my daughter’s best friend starting a baking business, makes delicious challah, and delivers right to school. So, home baked, but not by us….
2. Favorite shabbat meal:
Friday night is almost always chicken. I was a vegetarian for over 20 years, until the middle of my second pregnancy, and now I almost feel obliged to catch up on all the delicious chicken I missed. What I make depends on the selection at Trader Joe’s, since we don’t have a kosher butcher. 
3. Any creative shabbat rituals?
No, not really. I’m hoping to get inspired by some of the other responses.
4. Shul? With or without the kids? (yes, I know some of you are rabbis)
Rarely. Sometimes with the kids, when there is a child-friendly program, or once in a while when I read Torah or have to say kaddish or go to a bar-mitzvah.
5. Traditionally shomer shabbat? If not, what’s your definition/style?
Used to be, before I got married. Now it’s a work in progress. I find it hard to define shomer shabbat in any way other than Orthodox, but that’s not going to work for my family. Or probably for me anymore. I’d like to be both creative and consistent, but living in a community with very few shomer shabbat families, and with a non-Jewish spouse, it’s really a challenge. One I hope to rise to, however.
6. Favorite shabbat story/book
Friday Nights of Nana. Love this one! I do have a Shabbat book of my own coming out in Fall, 2011, but it’s not as good as Nana…
7. no seventh question – time to rest.
I’m tagging Ima on the Bima, Frume Sarah, Bible Belt Balabusta, Yo YentaAshi and Rami, and Dreamy Reads. (Is tagging enough? How do these meme things work, anyhow?) I hope they’ll keep it growing…..
Feel free to participate, even if I didn’t tag you. You can post your answers in the comments section below, or leave a link to your blog.

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