There’s been so much fear-based news coming out of the media. I know we can collectively share more positive life experiences and energy. When we harmonise, we connect, we sing not a single lonely voice but a collective symphony that lights up the world. This sounds hyperbole, yet think about how divisive our world has been, and how powerful it would be if we integrated it with love. Perhaps now is time to convert a utopian ideal of unity into something real.

Connect with others. We are not separated from anything. We are one with all things. It is our consciousness that creates separation. It is fear that creates separation. Unity consciousness is coming.

Humans have an inherent yearning for spirituality and higher consciousness. This is different from merely satisfying the ego. Innately we are seeking meaning – to inspire and elevate those around us and the world at large.

Cometh the hour, we will stand together, look up at the sky and realise we never were alone. These are not times to be sucked in by tides of fear which control us. These are times to embrace living, to dive into the sea of uncertainty. By all means if you are meeting with people, take precautions and keep your hands clean. I don’t mean to encourage anyone to abandon hygiene practices or to be irresponsible.

Higher consciousness is happening when we tune in to love, yet we can still be clean and do that. We can still wash our hands!

Mystical artist, David Star’lyte invites you on a  journey of awakening.

This series of art-works invite higher contemplation and consciousness. Each temple gateway invites the view to go further, to go higher, to see the world from an expanded consciousness, to change perception of reality.

I am available for spiritual commissions. If interested, please send me an email:

Featured Image: original art by the author via: David Star’lyte Spiritual Art

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