Strange times now, strange world always.

Time is short and we are just passing through this world.

Participants and also observers, wandering through time.

What if the universe is telling us to paint? To dance, to sing, to talk to other people (as in real conversations), to connect to others (and self), I mean really connect.

What if the universe is telling us to stop for a moment and be still? To feel. To be.

What if the universe is telling us to love…

What is we’re being called to connect to a Higher Power?

Just a little bit of context here – as I’ve heard of people panicking – please stay calm. We live in a safe universe. Believe in your inner power. Believe in your body’s ability to defeat intruders. We do not stay safe by buying in to fear – we stay safe by being strong in mind and body.

Be cautious and take precautions. Be with your loved ones.

Put value in connecting. Don’t buy into fear and hype and hysteria and media, it’s not helping our situation.

Sharing love and connecting with what’s important is going to be our most significant contribution. There are doctors, nurses, and health practitioners on the frontlines and my heart goes out to them all – let’s be grateful for the job they are doing.

Let’s accelerate our consciousness, upgrade our energy, raise our vibration.

Here is our opportunity to connect with our family and community and those around us.

Selfishness, competition, fear, and other states of disconnection are rife in our societies. This coronavirus is going to kill people, just like people die of the flu virus every year. It’s here to teach us lessons and shift perspectives. It’s not here as a cause of disconnection, fear and panic, more as an opportunity for connection and reflection.

We are here for each other.

We are here for raising consciousness.

We are here to experience both separation and Oneness.

We are here to experience profound states of pain and suffering and then the polar opposite extreme of love and unconditional forgiveness.

Let’s stand by each other.

I stand by you…

If you are undergoing hardship or suffering, feel free to reach out. I don’t promise to answer every email, just to do my best within the limits of time/ energy.

With love always,


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