a day goes by when we don’t have a new allegation, a new confession, a new apology. Whilst some accusations have a sound basis, the climate of judgement is toxic for all of us. It is a time of cleansing, of shedding skins, of the muggy old skin being removed by the exfoliating brush of public exposure. There is no easy way out of this – I just wish it would be fast-tracked and we could start again with a clean slate – that our heroes were real heroes – and our enemies real enemies – not this ongoing murkiness. Nobody can hide any more in this.

Collectively, we all need to bring conscious awareness to the squalid environment we find ourselves in. It is only by realising that the media is owned by corporations, and carries an agenda, that we can start to unravel the system, and our place in it. We can support the independent voices, and allow them expression. We can bring a new consciousness to the media and help it see its responsibility to honour all beings as sacred.

The feminine archetype is still hurting. And we need to address this. Conscious men need to protect our women. Yet the archetype goes further than man or woman – as it is a core energetic frequency within nature, within both men and women. Archetypes are kernels of the human story. They are signposts or wayshowers that narrate the essential masculine and feminine forces of our nature.

What lies within this deep feminine wounding that seeks to lash out at men? The feminine is the source of creation and creativity. It cannot be suppressed endlessly. Its power which is endless must be recognised, acknowledged and honoured by all. If we cannot honour the feminine, she will bite back. She is our keeper, our sacred mother, our source.

The sacred masculine is our protector.

Both energies synergise.

If you suppress one, the harmony and balance of nature if broken. Mother Nature will have to find a way to redress this imbalance. And Gaia will find a way.

What is a healthy masculine energy?

A healthy masculine knows that is his Source is sacred. He doesn’t need to force himself to act in any way, as he knows that he would never cut off his Source. He is simply wise. He has the warrior spirit in him to protect those weaker than himself – he acts as their custodian – not in any way superior – just simply doing his service, his sacred duty. His nature is only destructive when there are no rules in place, no boundaries. The wild man needs boundaries to stem his flow of energy, otherwise he will savage nature.

The healthy masculine stands alone with his Source and honors the sacred feminine not because he has to – or because rules bound him to an ethical code – simply because he is connected to himself.

An unhealthy masculine energy is disconnected from his nature. He is suffering because he doesn’t know who he is. A healthy masculine is a warrior for peace.

A healthy masculine honours his natural inclinations – yet he doesn’t let himself be controlled by them. His first instinct is to stand up in his power to protect.

Sexually, his innate drive is passionate, expressive, outward. The healthy masculine expresses this sacred energy unreservedly. He knows that his desire is a calling – and he does not play games with it. His sexuality is a sacred part of his being.

When he chooses to suppress his needs, he feels ashamed. When he uses another, he has removed himself from his role as protector. He has fallen into purely selfish acts through ignorance and a lack of consciousness. The masculine simply forgot who he was and what his place in the world was.

It’s time for the masculine to make peace with the feminine – and remember who he is.

That’s when men become men, proud and honourable, respectful of themselves, each other, and respectful of their women.

Agree or disagree – tell me why?
You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.

You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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