I entered into a very unhealthy relationship when I was in India, when I was like a slave to an Indian woman, and she was my Master. It was only a short few days, yet still deeply disturbed me. I realised I had a lot of healing to do to understand myself, understand woman and take charge of my manliness, masculine energy.

When one is slave, one loses one’s self-esteem. It impacts deeply our identity, how we feel about ourselves, how we view who we are. Enslavement is about control and pushing people down, so you may feel you steal their energy, feel you are above, greater. The more you enslave others, you more you enslave yourself, as really you are acting out of deep-seated fears. The fear is controlling you. The fear is what speaks to your mind and makes you bring others down. It is usually sourced in both sadism and masochism.

Yet always both slave and master have lessons to learn. The narcissist and the empath both have to learn how to grow, how to see themselves and others in a mature, adult way. It is not an easy path.

The empath must learn not to unconditionally accept being demeaned, lowered…

Feminine men get pushed over, ignored, and that is what I have faced, too, in the “business world” too – being ignored or pushed to the back of the line.

There is growth and healing in my self-worth and masculinity.

Therein lies the truth for you too.

You are a creation of God.

This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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