Image via Flickr: Exposición “Reflexiones sobre la Pachamama” de Paco Juan Déniz

Why do we judge?

We are all related.

Is it our insecurity?

Fear of opening to others?

Feel of appearing soft or softening – because we don’t want to be seen as weaker than another?

Just the fragments of a fragmented soul.

Everyone is a unique expression of God, everyone has a different idea/version/perception/understanding of reality.

There is no wrong/right. All perceptions are perfectly valid.

All is valid.

Sometimes it is also what one focuses on or chooses to focus on.

For instance, there is a piece of glass sitting in a field.

One person sees just a piece of glass. Thinks nothing of it.

Another person notices the colours and enjoy the light contours of the sun shining on the glass.

Another may see a shattered glass and feel a sense loss.

Another person may see the glass and feel illuminated by “clarity.”

Another person gets angry as someone left this glass broken in a field, which could be dangerous.

Are any of these people wrong?

We are all relating.
I have my own path.
It is right for me.

Always, there can be love. Love is deep, accepting. Understanding.

That’s my perception.

All of us travellers,
Nomads through time and space.

All just following their paths. Not “less than” another, less worthy, or something wrong with them.

There is a saying, not all who seek are lost. Or something like that. Not everyone who travels is lost.

Much kindness to you,

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