am that. I am that man who doubts. I am that man who wants to fit in. I am that man who wants to express himself. I am that man who wants to leap free of uncertainty. I am the rich man and the poor man.

I was deeply diving into a yoga stretch yesterday when I realised that I am no different from anyone else. I was striving for perfection, and realised that it’s not going to happen (at least this lifetime!), my feet may never touch the ground in downward dog, my sun salutation may always look like a cat on steroids. Is it okay to stop striving so hard for a goal that’s unreachable? Or is it the striving that will always take me closer to my goal (but never quite get there) – yet get me much closer than I would get without the striving?

Now, this isn’t a discussion just on perfection, and revealing and accepting imperfection – it’s also about how our society wants to make us into these figurines of photoshopped perfection – and our role-models are usually the biggest fakes.

I want to be naked. I want us all to be naked.

I want to stand strong, look deeply into your eyes and reveal all of my soul, strong in my own truth. I am tired of all the judgements I see around me. Judgement eats at the soul of the judge, not the judged. All those who think that they understand or perceive reality, when all they are seeing is the limitations of their intellect, the failure to be able to open up to their hearts. I speak to you, I speak to me, I speak to all of us. We are together.

The judgements are at breaking point. It’s become normal to break others down. Life is too short for all this judgment.

What does getting back to love look and feel like?

Relaxed acceptance, allowing flow to enter and exit gracefully. Simple to experience? Yes. Simple to achieve? Maybe!

Thich Nhat Hanh writes in ‘Cultivating the Mind of Love,’

“Your first love has no beginning or end. Your first love is not your first love, and it is not your last. It is just love. It is one with everything.”

Call to action.

Next time you catch yourself feeling unworthy, judging yourself (or others), feeling inferior to others – or just inferior to the “impossible self” that you created in your mind – stop and let that go. Accept that these quirks of the mind are just quirks, just thoughts (not real) – and reach out to another living person. It doesn’t have to be anything more than it will be – just start a conversation. Be present. And be a witness to your interaction. Even better, go outside of your comfort zone and talk to a complete stranger. Conversations are what bring us closer.


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