Via Flickr I stand before you naked, revealing, strong in my own truth. I am alive with the desire to be myself, to be fully animated and express myself in the world we share. I have clung to limitation so many times in my life, and released so many layers of healing.

Have I become a cliche, as many sceptics and the intelligentsia who want to break everything down into intellectually formulae, want to believe of me? No. I am just myself, having a human experience. And that is meaningful and not a cliche. Because 8 billion other people are also having this experience, doesn’t make my sharing less worthwhile or relevant. I am tired of all the judgements I see around me. Judgement eats at the soul of the judge not the judged. All those who think that they understand or perceive reality, when all they are seeing is the limitations of their intellect, the failure to be able to open up to their hearts. I speak to you, I speak to me, I speak to all of us.

I am tired of feeling unworthy, tired of feeling that I am not the Divine, loving, caring, graceful person that I am at my core. Despite all the cynicism, my heart shines, my love spreads and I know in the end, that’s all that matters. How I leave this planet counts the most – will I leave it a more caring place – or will it be worse of for my presence? I know I am here to shine my light, and to show people that Divine Love still exists, still rings true…to demonstrate what unconditional love is, what unconditional forgiveness is, what true love feels like. I am here to leave a kinder world. That’s all I care about at the end of the day. That’s all I want to be judged for.

Life is too short for all this judgment, and the cacophony of intellectual statesmen who want to dictate what “reality” is based on their perspective of limitation. I am here to shine the light on this narrow world-view of limitation, where reason rules over feelings. I want experience to be the greatest teacher. I want the voice of love to be the loudest guide.

No matter how much people try to run away from their hearts, their spiritual hunger will always ultimately speak to them. This is our time to let our love shine.

Osho says (in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol 1 Page 3):

“The less you know, the better. To be philosophical, to be dogmatic, to be doctrinaire – this is easy. To tackle a problem intellectually is very easy. But to tackle a problem existentially – not just to think about it, but to live it through, to go through it, to allow yourself to be transformed through it – is difficult. That is, to know love one will have to be in love. That is dangerous because you will not remain the same. The experience is going to change you. The moment you enter love, you enter a different person. And when you come out you will not be able to recognize your old face; it will not belong to you. A discontinuity will have happened. Now there is a gap, the old man is dead and the new man has come. That is what is known as rebirth – being twice-born.”

This is your journey. Let your love shine from your heart. And don’t listen to the other voice – it’s not what will leave a mark on the world. All that truly matters is the voice of your heart.


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