Photo- Pixoto : CK NGWho are we?

We are vibrational beings of consciousness – tapestries of sound and light.

In the mind of our distant past, creator Gods birthed us into being from consciousness. Within our DNA are the ingredients for awakening and remembering all the seeds and all the possibilities from those seeds of creation.

Born again into dense physical bodies, we are often disconnected from the pure beingness (and belongingness) of the Creator’s breath, the eternal unity of inhalation and exhalation. In our history, we were one with our Creator, born together and fused in the mind of the One. Empirically, we are all one breath, because that is the essence of life, and the essence of the Creator’s mind.

In more practical terms – we are souls undergoing an evolution, an awakening, becoming self-aware. Only we can know what the ultimate purpose is, what our highest version of ourselves is taking us, and when we graduate.

It is for us to choose. It is left for us to create. This is the gift of being human – the ability to change our perspective, develop our consciousness, change our reality, create and manifest our destiny. The world is as we dream it.

Indeed, life is what you create of it, life is what you see of it, life is how you feel it is. There is no “should” – there are just different versions of creation.

The world is magical because it is not hemmed in by edifice. The creations of our minds are creations and adventures in consciousness. The petal of awareness opens to us when we are aware of being awake dreaming. As Carlos Castaneda said – “Loving this world, seeing the beauty in everything; appreciating every moment as a beautiful, wholly contained, pearl of eternal nature – this is the world to me.”

The world is within us, just as we are within the world. It is this wonderment I invite you to experience in awe. It is this beauty I encourage you to enjoy.

May we love and forgive ourselves; may we love and forgive others.

Let this be our prayer:

To overcome limitation and replace negative with positive.
For our present to be the best of our past,
and our past released into history.
For our heart to be always open and loving,
and our habits to be all positive.
For love to overcome fear.
For joy and inner peace to be our constant companion in life and in death.

My heart is an open petal.
In silence, I discover purity.


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