Who are we, what is life, what are we here to do?

Every person has a unique footprint.

I feel that we are all somewhere along a continuum that begins with being born and ends with dying. That side of the continuum is an illusion, as we were around as beings for a lot longer than our present life, and we will (hopefully) be around a lot longer as beings of consciousness in the “real world.”

Whatever form that takes. It could be occupying a physical or spiritual form, or both.

For now, we are incarnated in a physical body. At least a part of our soul (the real part of who we are) is with us.

The question of “what is life?” is such a great one, because each person has their own individual answer (no two souls are made exactly alike). In our uniqueness, we define our destiny, we define our own answer to these questions.

If I sought my answers in someone else’s thoughts, then I wouldn’t be able to truly answer this question authentically for myself. This is the importance of reflection, of finding a still place within to answer life’s questions and make sense of the world.

What did we dream about as kids?

Have we been so caught up in our studies, work, family, relationships, health (etc) that we forgot what it was to be a child – to live in an expansive world of infinite possibility? How connected are we to our dream-space – to the world without limitation that defined our early development. It is said that our first seven years defines our inner world, and the rest of our lives we spend creating our outer world.

If stillness, prayer and contemplation is not part of our life, then when can we reflect? How can we make quality decisions? How can we tune in to our desires?

When thinking of the future, and making decisions accordingly, it is helpful to scan the past leading up to the present moment, and then use this knowledge, to define a new course that sits well with the feeling of the past. We are always expanding beings learning new lessons, and defining the course of our lives. We all have an individual and a collective destiny to carry out.



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