Indira Dyal Dominguez has recently published a book called, “You: A Spiritual Being On A Spiritual Journey.” To find out more about Indira, I interviewed her. I hope Beliefnet readers enjoy her answers and lessons.

Where do you come from?Indira - You: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey, A New Paradigm for Living Life

I was born in Guyana, South America of East Indian background. I have lived most of my life in the United States and have travelled and lived in many different places – they include Puerto Rico, Egypt, Turkey, Delphi Greece, Spain, Italy, and many of the Caribbean Islands.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to do this work?

The inner quest to know ‘Who am I ‘ and ‘Why am I here’ was a loud and powerful vibration that shaped my relationship and experience of life since I was a child. Life around me seemed strange for it made no sense.

To be in life for what occurred as just living life, always resonated as ‘not what it’s about’. This strong inner knowing and quest prevailed into my teen and young adult years. This led me to many forms of seeking – from my Catholic upbringing to ashrams, rebirthing, reading and exploring many different disciplines including the field of personal transformation. This inner drive was at the forefront of my existence. Nothing took priority over this ‘knowing’ that my being here was for something distinct from life around me – what I now call the “current paradigm’. And so, I found myself fifteen years ago sitting with no where to go for I had exhausted all of what made sense to pursue in this quest that resonated within me since I was a child. It was in this moment that I begun to experience an inner vibration and presence that resonated as Who I am and Why I am here. In an instant I awakened to a new truth that – “I am not my Mind”. This truth shifted and redefined how I resonated cellularly.

In an instant I knew the Mind as a separate and distinct dimension of Who I am as my Self arose as a force of inner knowing. An eternal energy that resonated within me as ME. In that moment I experienced my body as a vessel for a journey that I, as my Self, chose to experience. I knew that Who I am and Why I am here – unfolds as I Connect, Listen, Trust and Act from my Self distinct from my Mind.

In that moment I began to experience the energy and vibration of Self as a new realm, a new paradigm from which to live and experience being in my physical form. A peace arose as I now shifted into being in the world, but not of the world, as I now knew my Self as who I am and why I am here. I began to Connect, Listen, Trust and Act as a way of living each moment of each day. This has unfolded who I am today.

Why do you feel ‘called’ to address this topic?

Living from this new paradigm of Self has revealed a dimension of life that cannot exist in the current paradigm of the Mind. It is only in having a new paradigm, void of the Mind’s truths and beliefs about who you are and why you are here, that allows for us to bring into existence a journey that shapes a new paradigm for what it means to be a human being.

The book YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey redefines a new context that is shaped by the Self. In this paradigm shift Connecting becomes a way of knowing that at any moment you can ‘unplug’ or ‘disengage’ the Mind’s vibration and speaking of what is occurring to ‘Connect’ to your Self for the answers that are unique to you. This alters who we begin to know ourselves as for when the answers come from our Self, not our Mind, we are in an experience of always being in the honoring of our Self and the Self of another. In the book these two paradigms are powerfully articulated so that anyone can begin to disconnect the Mind and tune into their Self at any moment, assuring the results that will always bring forth their best life. This is the most fulfilling journey one can live for it is why we chose to be in a physical form – to experience our Self.

Why do you think more people are feeling more disconnected than ever?

In Connecting to – “What is there to know about our journey now as human beings?” – what arises for me is that as a planet people are awakening to a new vibration of being their True Self. Our collective awareness of a higher purpose has brought into existence a deeper knowing that living from what is defined as important and necessary from the Mind is no longer fulfilling and satisfying. The need to have money, make it in life at all cost, to live separate and removed is no longer what fulfills our innate being. This is more prevalent in the younger generation that find themselves caught in two worlds, as they need less, but are pulled by our system to have more. A trend towards minimizing and downsizing reveals the need to be less of the physical world that is defined by the Mind.

As we become more interdependent globally, on resources and support for our safety and survival, we are waking up to a new reality that we cannot exist alone, removed and separate. The need to honor and be honored is an experience that is arising to the surface. The disconnect is an awakening to be connected to our Self and to know that our being here matters, no matter who we are and what we do. The security of a safe life is being torn down and the illusion that life is about simply existing to satisfy and fullfiill what our Mind thinks and believes to be true is no longer where we can go to for a satisfying and peaceful life. We are being pulled into our greatness and our purpose for we are Spiritual Beings on a Spiritual Journey.

What are three ‘inspired steps’ you recommend to others for living a better life?

The first –

You are not your Mind. You have a Mind but it is not Who you are. This awareness is the first step in shifting the energy in how you resonate. If all you did was to bring forth this awareness in each moment of now, you will have a shift occur in what life brings to you. You will find yourself released from the worry and concerns of your day to day living.

The second-

CONNECTING To Connect is to unplug the Mind and ‘tune into’ what is being communicated from your Self. When you tune into your Self you discover the answers that are unique to you to resolve any and all issues. You tap into your greatest life for you have chosen to honor your Self as You. It is here that you begin a journey of strengthening your ability to Trust what is arising from your Self NOT what is being given to you from the Mind. There are many Connections in the book to support you in how to begin Connecting.

The third –

To have most of your actions in your day come from your Self. You could say that in each moment we can choose to Act from our Mind or our Self. The more times we Act from our Self our life will always be the best life we can experience. To live from our Self is to bring into existence a new paradigm where all the needs of the Mind are not what creates our reality.

In your book, you differentiate between the Mind and the Self. Can you elaborate on this distinction?

As Human Beings we live automatically from our Mind. We use our Mind to learn and function in life. What was never taught to us is that we are NOT our Mind. As such we continue to listen, trust and act on whatever the Mind is saying about our life, relationships, career, and our experience of whatever is happening in life.

The Mind is organized around our survival and as such is always in an energy of fear, concern and worry. It’s role and purpose is to protect us from perceived dangers and to assure we are never harmed, and as such, it keeps us separate and disconnected even in our most intimate relationships.

The Self is who we are.

We have a Body, Mind and Spirit called our Self. Imagine that the Self chose a physical form for the gift of experiencing itself and we spend our whole life living from the Mind. The Self is organized in the energy of love, oneness, connectedness and “All is as it should be.” As you Listen, Trust and Act from your Self you begin to experience a new paradigm of honoring You. When your actions are coming from your Self, you will naturally and effortlessly live your purpose and true journey.

In the book there is a Chapter on the Journey of the Mind and a Chapter on the Journey of Self. It speaks to the depth and dimension of each one more powerfully and gives anyone access to living from their Self as naturally as their Mind.

How do I connect to this “Self” you speak of?

To Connect to one’s Self takes listening to a guided connection that evokes this shift in energy and vibration from the Mind to your Self. Given the Mind’s control, to release the Mind in the beginning takes training yourself to listen for the difference between your Mind and your Self. When you use the guided Connection you begin to create a relationship with your Self as You. Over time areas of life become open to what I call your natural ‘knowing’, or intuitive Self. It becomes easier to let go of the Mind and Trust and Act from what you are getting from your Self.

The act of Connecting is a deliberate shift, from knowing your Mind as you, to an experience of knowing your Self as you. Connect is the step of unplugging the Mind’s energy to activate the energy of your Self. When you begin to Connect, you align how you vibrate and resonate with that of your Self—the source of all “knowing.” This shift allows the realm of energy to become real in your human experience. You become aligned with the vibrational force that holds the earth, the planets and all that exists as energy in the universe. You begin to experience who you really are—an eternal energetic force of higher consciousness. To Connect is to activate this frequency, this energy, as real and available to you.

What do you mean when you say everything is energy?

In the new paradigm I distinguish energy as a dimension of us that is real. For the Mind energy is not tangible and therefore the Mind does not allow this part of us to be available to us as an access to a more fulfilling life. When you can relate to your Self as energy, as in when we leave our physical form what leaves is the spirit/self that is an energetic force of divine consciousness, you can begin to experience energy as a real and tangible dimension of how you live life. You can hold the energy of your body for it’s healing. You can connect to the energy of friends and family at any moment and shift into a higher vibration of Self.

When you can experience energy first you can bring to your journey with anyone, a higher vibration and resonance of Self, that gives you who to be in that moment. In doing this you shift the entire context of who you get to be with them – you are in the moment by moment joy of the honoring of life. When we can relate to everything as energy we can hold ourself as energy. We can live in the ‘knowing’ of our eternal self as energy and in doing so transcend the physical dimension limitations that is shaped by only what the Mind defines as our reality.

You’ve recently written a book called, You: A Spiritual Being On A Spiritual Journey: A New Paradigm for Living Life: What was your inspiration for writing this book?

Life is about knowing yourself, not just as a mind and a body, but as an eternal spirit or Self, a vibration that lasts forever. Most importantly, this book is about being able to communicate with that eternal Self in a way that allows for you to complete the journey you are here in this lifetime to fulfill. It will give you the ability to find the answers that are unique to you to live a better and more fulfilling life. . .to live your best life.

My book was written for those people who are seeking to improve themselves and get the tools to improve all areas of their life. This book delivers real tangible results and provides actual tools that people can use to immediately improve their life. It was written for people who have read a lot of personal development books and have some conscious awareness but are still not getting the results they want in life.

What is the book about?

My inspiration for writing the book was to share this conversation so that anyone , anywhere can have it available to them. We will shape a new world when we can Connect to our Self for the answers that are unique to us, in any moment, and then Listen, Trust and Act from that connection to our Self. We will bring forth a new way of living where the honoring of our Self and the Self of another will be a new way of living life.

I would sum up the book in the following précis:

• Opens up and creates a relationship with intuitive part of you called your Self.
• Gives you answers that are unique to you to live your best life.
• Gives you an understanding of the relationship the Mind plays in life and the relationship the intuitive Self plays in life.
• Gives you an empowering place to hold the journey of your life and your death.
• Simple and powerful tools to live from a new paradigm of Self as You.

Thank you so much to Indira for sharing with our readers!

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