“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.” ~ Lao Tzu

Suffering is ubiquitous.

Many lose hope and remain addicted to their cravings. Society is a confusing place to understand in 2014.

Prime time ratings dictate what’s for dinner, and the feeling of loss pervades. The causes of suffering show no sign of hiding away or disappearing.

Vast capacities lie dormant between the polarized forces of ever more cynicism on one side of the scale and expansive hope and opportunity on the other side.

I speak daily to those claiming they are stuck in fear and feel powerless to act. Many suffer from 21st century burn-out and urban loneliness.

Some share with me they are “lost” and their life is empty. Many are so captivated by drama and escapism that they don’t have the space to see the world from any other angle other than the one that is their drug. They are addicted to filling the space with stuff, lacking the concept that the stuff they are filling their space with makes their life ever more meaningless. Meaninglessness has become a 21st century affliction, the addiction to distraction.

Meaninglessness and suffering are intertwined. Urban ennui is filling the space with fears, instead of what you love. Emptiness is doing what you don’t love. Emptiness is searching for fulfillment in addictions outside of the self, instead of finding fulfillment in the self.

The answer to meaninglessness is stillness. Stillness is the reverse of suffering. Stillness makes sense in a world of insanity and endless noise. This is the concept of the “sabbath” common to many religions. In the biblical scenario, God created Earth in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. This biblical concept can be applied in our busy modern worlds, in fact, the need for it is greater than ever before!

People are starving for love, meaning and fulfillment. They’re addicted to the very distractions that will prevent them from finding what is inherent in nature. Through stillness, distractions are removed, and the practise of reverence to all beings flows naturally.

There is wisdom in stillness, in silence, in calm in the midst of agitation. Stillness is tranquility.

The Sacred Path requires stillness in order to surrender and receive. To activate Creativity, requires stillness.

In stillness, we find peace – we can connect to the ocean of possibility, the cosmos of potentiality. In stillness, we can perceive meaning. In stillness we can see that nothing can be empty if it is alive. How can anything be empty if it is part of nature? Nature is always moving, always changing; its very nature is to evolve, and to be meaningful.

All life is sacred, yet it is only when we are still, that we can appreciate that. Stillness sees the sacredness of all things as self-evident.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” Lao-Tzu

Stillness creates receptivity. In stillness, we are able to open ourselves to the many journeys available to us within experience. Stillness invites us to dream within the big dream, little dreams amongst the Divine dream – the microcosm a perfect reflection of the macrocosm, and the macrocosm a perfect reflection of the microcosm. What a wonderful dream it is! We flow like an eternity of sunshine, we never know what will come next into our fantastic dream.

Internally, it is our noble path to accept the karmic symphony which presents itself. We know no other way but to dream our dreams, to love unconditionally, to pray we live another day and welcome every moment as a miracle. To co-ordinate each moment as Divine is to find the stillness within each moment. Finding stillness is the path to being able to bless each moment as sacred.

Stillness is the field of love and dreams.

It’s not in the emptiness of wondering where love will come from, nor in the sadness of suffering for having loved and lost, nor is it in the loneliness of unrequited love. It’s in the knowing that God breathes love into every cell of the cosmos. We are already filled with love, full of love. Through Divine light we are born into the world, and through Divine Light we will perish.

Stillness is the field of Divine Light.

Stillness is the gateway to finally finding who we are.

Stillness is bliss. Invite stillness into your life, and reap abundant benefits. Please share below what you experienced through your stillness practice.


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